What are subliminal messages?

Subliminals are messages either video or sound that is played below your normal consciousness. The message is barely audible or comprehensible that only the subsconscious mind would be able to understand it. 

Subliminal messages started in the 1950s for advertising purposes and it helped boost sales. People got interested in its effectiveness and started using subliminals to improve their personal lives. It can help in changing behavior, personality and overall perception. 

Are they really that effective?

The power of subliminal messages may not be felt right away because the change is gradual. The good thing about it is it's effortless and doesn't require hard work on your part. 

Subliminals are more powerful compared to affirmations because it bypasses the conscious mind. When you say your affirmations, the conscious mind may have limiting beliefs about the affirmation which in turn resist the change that you are trying to make. 

Subliminals push the messages directly to your unconscious mind wherein there is little resistance to encounter. Therefore making the change effortless and easy.

How to get started using this technique to improve eyesight

One way you can use subliminals to improve your eyesight is to use your cellphone or any device that plays mp3 files. Record yourself saying an affirmation. For example, record the affirmation " Everyday in every way my eyesight is getting better and better. Save this to your cellphone. Once you are about to sleep, play the recorded file in repeat mode on low volume beside your bed or near your head pillow. 

Your mind will hear the subliminal messages while you sleep soundly through the night. You would notice changes in your eyesight several days after playing this track every night. You would begin to see much better and you would love the effortless change that you went through. 

If you want a more professional subliminal that you can listen to in your ipod or smartphone, you can go for those combined with binaurals, brainwave entrainment or solfeggio tones. 

Try out this effective subliminal program that quickly bombards your subconscious with positive messages that you want to ingrain in your mind. This is useful not only in improving your eyesight but can also help other areas of your life. 

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