Eye Exercises

1. Focusing ( Part 1 )

This exercise helps in improving focus. This exercise will help your eye's ability to focus on objects placed at varying distances. 

For this exercise go outdoors and pick an area which has an unobstructed view for about a mile or two. 

Step 1: Look for an object within 3 feet from you. Look closely at it(no need to go up close to it) until you are able to identify it well. 

Step 2: Choose an object within 30 feet away. From where you stand, check this object and identify it to the best of your ability. Once you're able to take note of its shape, size and physicak aspects, move on to step 3.

Step 3. Find an object placed at 500 feet away. Look and see and try to examine it as much as you can. 

Step 4: Choose an object located at an extremely far distance. Look and examine the object as clearly as possible from your present location. Once you are done, go back to step 1.

Do this exercise for about 3 minutes a day. This will improve your eyes ability to focus as you keep doing this exercise. 

2. Focusing ( Part 2 )

This exercise will be like Part 1 but you have to use your imagination to do it. 

1. Imagine an object like a diamond, ball, or cube clearly in your mind's eye. See this image within 3 feet from you. Look at this in your imagination and focus on its physical details.

2. Now, visualize the object move to 30 feet away from you. Try to examine this object's details and note how it looks.

3. Then see this object placed 500 feet away from you. Imagine how it looks. See if you can still distinguish its size, shape and features. Is it clear or blurred? 

4. Lastly, try to place this object at a much farther distance. Are you still imagine the features of the object clearly. Once you have done, you can go back to step 1 to repeat the process. 

Do this for 3 minutes to practice your focus

3. Distance Viewing 

You will improve the distance viewing capabilities of your eyesight in this exercise. 

1. Hold one finger in front of your face six inches from you. Close one eye and focus on your finger only for a minutes.

2. After focusing on your finger, set your focus as far into the distance as possible.

3. After a minute shift your focus back t your finger . Do this step for about 20 times for each eye. 

This exercise stimulates your eyes to get used to seeing at varying distances. By varying the distances you look at with your finger, you are training your eyes to adjust from near to far without any problems of sight adjustment occurring.