What are pinhole glasses and how you can use them to improve your eyesight?

According to Wikipedia; Pinhole glasses, also known as stenopeic glasses, are glasses with series of pinhole sized holes filling an opaque sheet of plastic or metal in place of lens.

I read online about the benefits of using pinhole glasses and I thought why not give it a try to improve my nearsightedness. 

It promises to improve vision as much as 10% in 4 weeks just by wearing it for 15 minutes  everyday. So I thought why not give it a try and order one pair online.

After wearing it, it did made my far vision better. I started seeing clearly in the far distance. The glasses forces your eyes to look into the small holes and in turn focuses light and this make eyesight clearer.

I started incorporating this pinhole glasses training in my daily regimen by watching tv and online videos while wearing these pinhole glasses.

It's effortless eyesight improvement. I get to be entertained while exercising my eyes passively. 15 minutes of wearing it is such a small time to invest for improving eyesight.

So far, I think it is helping exercise my eyes and I do see very little improvements in clarity when I test my eyesight using the Snellen Chart.

How to make your own pair of pinhole glasses

Materials needed:

* A pair of old glasses

* Cardstock paper

* A small screwdriver

* A pin or needle

* Tape


1. Buy or look for a cheap pair of sunglasses

2. Use a screwdriver and remove both lenses from the sunglasses.

3. Trace the shape of the lenses on the cardstock paper. These will become the lens of your pinhole glasses.

4. Cut out the cardstock lenses carefully and make sure that they can fit along the edges of the frame.

5. Once the lenses have been cut check the fit and adjust as required.

6. Use the sharp pin or needle to poke evenly spaced holes into the cardstock until the whole lens are filled with pinholes. You can punch around 50 to 60 holes as long as they would fit and would be evenly spaced.

7. Once you are done making the holes, place the cardstock lens on the frames. Carefully tape the lenses to the frames and make sure to not cover any holes.

Your new pinhole glasses are ready to wear. Make sure to take the time to let your eyes adjust.