Keep track of your eyesight improvement

Keeping track of your vision improvement is crucial to know if you are making progress. Also, it keeps you focused and motivated to achieve the goal of having perfect vision. Doing the following steps can keep you on course towards perfect eyesight.

Test your Eyesight with Eye Charts

Get a Snellen Chart and stick up to a wall. Stand 20 feet away from it and try to read the letters without straining and stressing your eyes. Take note of the farthest letter you can read from the chart.

Journal your journey to a Better Eyesight

Write in your journal the daily exercises that you do to improve your eyesight. Also, take note of the improvement that you record from the Snellen Chart. Write down any thoughts, feelings and emotions that you go through while you are trying to improve your vision.

Buy undercorrected eyeglasses

Buy glasses with weaker focal point power, this will help train your eyes to become stronger.