What are affirmations and how they can help your eyesight

Affirmations are positive words said in the present. These are phrases that you repeat to yourself over and over again to change a part of your life. 

It's very helpful if you want to change a certain belief or attitude you have in your life. Like, if you want to change and lose weight, you will say affirmations for losing weight to help your mindset get clear that you want to lose weight. 

Affirmations if done correctly with intense emotions can have a great positive effect and it can even change your physical body. Affirmations get to the subsconsocious mind and through effects change in the body, mind and spirit. 

This would be helpful if you want to improve eyesight. Aside from the eye exercises that I will show on this site. It's also important to make your mind align to your goals and one of the best ways to do that is to do affirmations.

Here's how I use affirmations to improve my eyesight. I write down my positive affirmations in a piece of paper and I read them aloud with feelings. It's best to do this once you get up in the morning, once in the afternoon and before going to sleep. This helps your mind focus on the goal that you want to improve your eyesight. 

I use a simple affirmation that I have learned from Emil Coue who pioneered autosuggestion. The affirmation is " Every day in every way my eyesight is getting better and better. " 

I say this phrase 21 times with as much emotions as possible. visualizing that I can see clearly far away and feeling good about it. 

One best practice as well is to write down this affirmation by hand on a piece for 10 to 20 times once everyday to get this message to sink in. You can also post sticky notes of this affirmation on places that you usually go in your house to keep yourself reminded that your eyesight is getting better and better. 

You can also maximize this affirmations technique while sleeping. Record yourself saying this affirmation over your smartphone or any recording device. Play it back in low volume while sleeping and your subsconscious mind will still continue to be programmed.

Here are some affirmations you can read and record to improve your eyesight

1. I am seeing more and more clearly

2. My eyes are relaxed

3. My vision is getting sharper

4. Tension is being released from my eyes

5. My eyes are healing now.

6. My eyesight focus easily

7. My eyes are getting stronger every day

8. My vision is improving 

9. My eyes are becoming healthier and stronger

10. My eyesight will heal

Your Future Life Starts With Your Affirmations

Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative prayer is also one effective way to practice affirmations. It's a more effective prayer as it focuses on faith and belief and leaves no room for doubt. You can learn more about affirmative prayer from Silent Unity here