Eye Relaxation’s Importance

Thousands of years ago our ancestors were able to view images from very far distances. They can effortlessly relax their eyes but nowadays it seems hard to do with all the gadgets that are begging for our attention, TVs and computers that we stare at most of the day and high buildings that make it impossible for us to look at far away objects. Our vision is mostly focused on near vision distances therefore causing myopia to spread even more in this generation.

We have forgotten to relax our eyes naturally with all the things that keeps us in short vision focus. Some people watch TV to relax but this causes more harm to the eyes than to relax them. To keep our eyes healthy and our sight strong, we should learn to relax our eyes in the present environment we live in today.

Here are some exercises you can try out to relax your eyes


Cup your eyes with your hands and just see the darkness in front of your face. Also, make sure that your palm is not touching your eyelids.

The advanced version

Rub your palms against each other and place the fingers of your left hand under the fingers of your right hand. Your palms are facing towards your face. It would like an upside down V with your palms open.

Cup them to your eyes. Relax and make sure you can breathe through the nose effortlessly. Leave your eyes open and turn to any light source ( Ex. the sun, lamps ) and check if you can see the light go through the holes between your fingers. Adjust to make sure that light doesn’t get into your eyes.

Breathe deeply and see the darkness. Continue breathing easily and just relax. You may count up 10 deep breaths then let go.


Constant staring is harmful to the eyes as it is very straining. Keep in mind to regularly blink, this will moisten the eyes and relax it from strain.

Cold Spoons

This eye relaxation feels like going to the spa. Get two spoons and place inside the fridge. Let them sit for several minutes until they are cold. They don’t need to be frozen, just slightly cold will do. Then place each spoon to your eyes. Close your eyes and relax and let the cold spoon take the stress off your eyes.